Raptis Nikos

Raptis Nikos, D.D.S., C.A.G.S. |

Dr. Raptis Nikos received his bachelor of Science in Dentistry at the University of Athens in 1990. Between 1990-1993 he continued his studies at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, U.S.A. where he received his Certificate of Achievement in Prosthodontics. From 1995-1999 Dr. Raptis has been faculty member on the Department of Prosthodontics at University of Athens as Scientific Associate. Dr. Raptis he is currently head of a private dental clinic in Kifissia, Greece with emphasis on Restorative, Esthetic and Implant Dentistry. Dr. Raptis is an active member of many International Dental Societies and he lectured intensively in many Greek and International Congresses and Symposiums.

Friday, December 11 (16.00)

Post extraction sockets: Treatment strategies in Implantology

After the extraction of a failed tooth a dental implant can be placed according to the timing of the extraction either immediate or with a delayed approach, in 6-8 weeks (early implant placement) or several months later (late implant placement).
These clinical procedures are nowadays combined with the placement of different biomaterials, with alternatives techniques. Thus bone substitutes, call barriers and growth factors are used extensively in implantologogy today.
Finally, new techniques have been developed and proposed for post extraction sockets such as the Root Membrane Technique named also Socket Shield Technique and the Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR) technique
In this webinar all these techniques will be reviewed through clinical cases for anterior and posterior teeth aiming for an acceptable aesthetic and long-lasting outcome. Treatment strategies will be proposed finally by the speaker to minimize the morbidity for the patient and the treatment time of the overall restorative procedure.