04. Individualized anterior composite restorations

Saturday 12.12.2020 [17:15]
Individualized anterior composite restorations
Dr. Yiannis Brokos, Rhodes, Greece
Sponsor: Ultradent
Venue: KEDEA, Meeting Room B

Contemporary restorative systems such as Mosaic (Ultradent), provide lifelike and long lasting restorations due to the high aesthetic and mechanical properties they perform. The natural restorative result is not related only to basic color parameters such as hue, chroma, and value, but also to other important properties that affect the overall esthetic treatment outcome, such as opalescence, fluorescence, translucency, and metamerism.
Today, evolved photographic techniques facilitate clinicians’ ability to compare the esthetic properties of restorative materials with those of natural teeth for delivery of natural-looking restorations.
During this presentation and hands on, direct restorative systems will be explored, providing participants, the appropriate knowledge for successful direct-layered composite restorations having individualized shape and color.-

Dr. Yiannis Brokos

Dr. Yiannis Brokos received his degree in Dentistry in 1998, continued his postgraduate studies in the University of Athens and received in 2004, a Master of Science in Biomaterials and a Clinical Specialty in Restorative Dentistry.
In 2005, he received a Certification in Implantology from the DGI & APW Dental Association of Implantologists and in 2017 a Dr Med Dent degree from the Dental School of University of Geneva.
He is currently an “Invited Researcher” at the same university and maintains a private clinic, limited in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry & Implants, in Rhodes, Greece, since 2004.